### VFS Web Engine info So, you are curious on how this website works? Well, you found the right directory with the information you dearly seek! #### Design Ideas The main idea was for this web engine to mimic that of a traditional single-user PC, where there is a single memory space for the operating system and all loaded programs. I did not design this web engine with performance in mind, as you might be starting to understand here. I built it more-so for self-expression, and to show my creativity in a very unique way. So, the FastCGI server does not use threads, and each request is literally handled by a single process/single threaded application program, and inside this program runs a virtual 6502 machine full with 64KB of usable RAM! Each request to the server is handled either by the virtual 6502, or not, depending on the request. The directory viewer is all coded in pure ObjectPascal, as is a bunch of static file types, like images and HTML, as these do not need the extra parsing of a 6502 virtual machine. The fun starts when you begin to execute programs, which are all written in 6502 code and run within the custom server software that nobody probably will ever even care about. If you are super hyped about writting 6502 web programs, then this project might actually be up your alley, but it's not written with a mass market in mind, it is being written for my own personal use, and the source code will never be available, at least at the moment, I don't feel it will ever be. #### This is such a stupid idea! It's a hobby I enjoy, and I don't personally agree with that opionion. I have a huge passion for programming and computer science which leads me to creating fun and interesting projects like this that are only made for me. This actually goes back to when I originally started programming before the Internet, as before the Internet, and being a kid, it was literally impossible to share anything I created with anyone else besides the foster parents I lived with, so I coded, but kept all my creative works to myself. There was a time in my 20s when I did create the original PHP version of this VFS where it was used to host a bunch of web content I had back in the day, but once I moved away from PHP to Python, so did all my PHP projects vanish. I did try to convert some of them over to Python with varying results, but in general, I started most projects from scratch. It wasn't until I found old archives of my old PHP projects that I began to thought of bringing them into the modern age, and so we are now with my old VFS program now moved over into the modern age. #### Wait? You were coding in Python? I was for a time, but after Python 3 came out, and realized how much work it was going to be to convert so many Python 2 and Django web apps over to modern Python, I simply just wanted to move onto something didn't have this *upgrade* problem, I remembered I was looking into Pascal, namely *FreePascal* for awhile, and thought I'd look more into it. I then just realized how far the language came since it's roots, and that Delphi of all things was still being developed and was releasing modern versions with features tailored for the modern time, which nobody really knows about because nobody cares about ObjectPascal. #### Huh? Delphi is still being developed and released? Yeah, and most people don't even seem to know. The original versions of Skype I heard were all made in [Delphi](Delphi.prg), after Microsoft bought them out, they quickly began trying to convert it over to one of their flagship languages, and I do believe reading that Microsoft was actually having a heck of a lot of trouble trying to convert it over.